What is En Primeur?

En Primeur is the release of wines for sale before they are bottled and shipped. In Burgundy and Germany, the wines from the previous vintage are released, while other regions may hold their wines longer in barrel before releasing.

Why Buy En Primeur?

Generally, the prices during en primeur releases are the best they will ever be, and the price increases when the wines are shipped. By selling wines en primeur, winemakers have more security in their sales and cashflow, and the buyer enjoys a preferential price. Highly sought-after wines will be allocation during the en primeur release.

How does it work?

Every year, we will release our En Primeur offers for Burgundy, Germany, and Italy, and offer our customers the chance to taste cask samples of the wines. When the offer is released, we will ask for en primeur requests to be submitted by a deadline, for any of the allocation-only wines. After allocation, we will be in touch with what we can offer our customers. At this point, you will receive an invoice for the price of the wine, not including duty or VAT. When the wines arrive in the UK, we will be in touch to arrange payment of the duty and VAT (unless you are storing your wines in bond) and to organise delivery.

When do you release the En Primeur Offers?

We always release our Burgundy En Primeur offer in January, our German traditional wines in June, our German GGs and Reds offer in September, and our Italian offer in November. The wines typically arrive the following January.

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