2021 German En Primeur Tasting Highlights

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2021 German En Primeur Tasting

Our 2021 German En Primeur tasting took place last Wednesday, so we asked Peter Newton, our Private Sales Director for a few of his highlights.

Wow! What a fantastic selection of mouth-watering beauties there were at our En Primeur tasting last Wednesday (if I do say so myself).

It turned out to be the perfect day for cool, refreshing Riesling, with several wines showing stunningly well. There is no doubt we have another exceptional vintage on our hands.

If you couldn’t make the tasting, don’t worry, here are my favourites from the day. I whole-heartedly recommend any of these for future drinking.

Silvaner, Rudolf May
£48 per 6 bottles in bond

Just because it isn’t Riesling, please, please don’t overlook this. With an earthy quality, some savoury cereal notes, and hints of blanched almonds, this is a lovely wine with an easy nature.

Riesling, Knewitz
£54 per 6 bottle case in bond

Mineral, steely depths, balanced by gentle ripeness and green herbs. I was expecting greater austerity, but instead found an incredibly pleasing juicy mouth feel.

Vulkangestein, Schäfer-Fröhlich
£96 per 6 bottle case in bond

Fragrant, cool, stony and persistent. Lots going on here, reflecting the quality of the two source vineyards. Fresh nettles and crab apple acidity is deftly buffered by ample ripe fruit.

Brauneberger Juffer Kabinett, Fritz Haag
£72 per 6 bottle case in bond

Oh, so elegant, whilst also broad across the palate. Showing more citrus freshness than expected, helping lift it to another level. Beautiful.

Wolfer Goldgrube Kabinett, Vollenweider
£78 per 6 bottle case in bond

Expressive and open, yet behind is a darker, denser quality. Warm herbs refreshed by bright green citrus fruit. A delightfully uplifting glass.

Enkircher Ellergrub Kabinett, Weiser-Kunstler
£84 per 6 bottle case in bond

100-year -old vines provide lots of stuffing here. Cool slate, yellow orchard fruit, ripe apple and green herb. Succulent sweet flesh coats the vibrant acid drive in the finish.

Kupp Spätlese Fass 7, Peter Lauer
£102 per 6 bottle case in bond

Ripe yet with a savoury impression. The soft edged Lauer style is matched with vibrant green fruit, and an electric vein of acidity marks this out as something special.

Lenchen Spätlese, Peter-Jakob Kühn
£132 per 6 bottle case in bond

Rich and inviting. Yellow and green orchard fruit meet subtle tangerine. The fruit cuts a broad swathe across the palate with mineral intensity following behind. A long finish and incredibly more-ish.

Niederberg Helden Spätlese, Schloss Lieser
£90 per 6 bottle case in bond

Authoritative, almost sombre, with its earthy dark depths. A lean, citrussy mouth feel balanced by the natural sweetness and staying long on the palate. Really impressive.