Five Fields Restaurant

Working with Restaurants

The Five Fields is an intimate, elegant Michelin-starred restaurant in Chelsea, focusing on seasonal British produce with much of its produce coming from its own garden in East Sussex. We are very proud to work with the top-notch team at the Five Fields and to contribute to their extensive wine list.

Howard Ripley is a fantastic, specialist wine supplier. I have been working with them since 2016 buying for Michelin star restaurants: first Pollen Street Social and now the Five Fields. It’s no secret in our industry that they have unparalleled selection of top German producers on their portfolio including Weingut Keller, Wittmann or Fritz Haag but they are also on the look out for new stars adding the names like Julian Haart or Peter Jacob Kühn. I can easily find in their portfolio anything from value for money wines to rare vintages and iconic wines. Another classic region they have very well represented is Burgundy. Our guests are very often wine collectors and they are pleased to see these wines on our list. What I like the most is that Sebastian and the team never rest on their laurels and always try to find new and exciting gems.

Agnieszka Swiecka | Five Fields Restaurant

Beyond our portfolio, we also pride ourselves on providing exceptional service to our trade partners. Every trade customer will have an account manager looking after them. We aim to develop long-term relationships with our partners, and are always looking out for the right wine for each wine list we work with.

Once the wine is on your list, we don’t consider the job finished. We help you teach your staff about the wines so they have all the tools they need to sell them, with tech sheets, information direct from the winery, tastings, and staff trainings.

What makes the biggest difference for me though is the Service - always personal and tailored specifically to suit my restaurant needs. My account manager Zigmars is so very helpful and knowledgeable. He has a fine dining restaurant background and is studying for Master Sommelier qualification - just a perfect person to conduct staff training, help you navigate through nuances of different vineyards and vintages not to mention finding us the best value and making sure the deliveries and invoices arrive on time.

Agnieszka Swiecka | Five Fields Restaurant

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