2020 VDP Auctions

2019 is one of the great vintages. The finest of them (along with a few choice older wines,) will as usual be sold at the annual VDP auctions starting on 18th September.  We are among the privileged few to have been invited to both the VDP and Bernkasteler Ring auctions, and we are offering our customers the chance to bid for the rarities on show. (You can also bid for wines at the Nahe/Ahr/Rheinhessen auctions, which will be held online only.)

As you would expect, the usual suspects do not disappoint. I have tasted many of the wines on offer and been completely seduced. They are a very clear step up from the ‘regular’ releases: more intense, complex and long-lived, and they have breathtaking energy and purity. Stars of the show this year will be Joh.Jos. Prüm, Fritz Haag, Willi Schaefer, Schloss Lieser, Schaefer-Fröhlich, Dönnhoff and Keller, who is as usual generating particular interest. Florian Lauer’s wines get ever better, with prices slowly rising as the public catches on. Othegraven’s wines are particularly good this year.  As always, there are bargains at the Bernkasteler Ring auction, which are well worth seeking out. 

After their successful launch at last year’s auction, a limited number of Mosel GGs will be offered at the VDP auction. The Fritz Haag ‘Im Falkenberg’ is absolutely lovely.

If you wish to know more about them, and see detailed tasting notes, visit www.moselfinewines.com.

For an explanation of the Auctions and how they work, please see our VDP Auction Guide.

A list of the major wines is available in Excel format to download in the sidebar. It includes projected prices, and scores from Mosel Fine Wines. You can enter any bids in the right-hand columns and send the list back to me, or you can simply let me know which wines you are interested in. If you wish to know exactly how the auction works, how to split bids etc, a guide to the auction process can be found at the bottom of this email.

If you would like to bid, we need to know your choices, which should include quantity and maximum-bid prices, by close of play on Wednesday 16th September. Please send all bids and enquiries to sebastian.thomas@howardripley.com .