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2019 en-primeur offer

Now and then a truly great vintage comes along, a year where all the elements combine to give wines of harmony, finesse and energy, wines that reflect their origins, that taste delicious young but also have the capacity to age. 2019 is such a vintage.

From basic estate wines to GGs, from Kabinett to Beerenauslese, and across Germany, I cannot recall sampling wines so cool and fresh, so transparent, elegant and charming and yet so perfectly ripe and dense.

They are easy to taste: very precise wines where each element – the vibrant fruit, the juicy acidity and pure minerality is clearly delineated and effortlessly integrated. Some are positively ethereal. They crackle with energy and a broad spectrum of fruit flavours: elderflower and blackcurrant, pear, yellow peach and tropical fruit. Many show notes of fresh green herbs and spice - nutmeg and pepper. The acidity is ripe and lemony, and the mineral structure complex and fine, going from pithy and lean to broad dark earthy flavours, almost always with a distinct salinity.

But it was a challenging year, and difficult to get right. Only the most gifted and conscientious growers made the right decisions throughout the growing season and pulled the rabbit out of the hat. We are fortunate to represent some of Germany’s best estates, and there is not a duff wine between them.

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