Highlights from our Portfolio Tasting, 23rd February 2022

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It was fantastic to get out into the real world to meet customers and introduce much of our range in Wednesday’s Portfolio Tasting in London.

We were able to showcase old favourites and recent additions, new vintages and more mature examples. We wanted to pick out some of the highlights for those who didn’t get to taste, so we’ve picked a few of the wines that were tasting the best.

Below are four picks from yesterday’s German wines and they all come highly recommended from our team members.


2019 Chardonnay, Holzfass, Knewitz
With the 2016 selling out in a flash when offered last year, we expect this 2019 Chablis look-a-like to be similarly popular.

If you are a Chablis lover then this should be on your hit list. Bright, clean and crisp with a broad citrus and orchard fruit appeal. Structure and finesse and a very complete, well-balanced feel. This is a terrific wine and a great place for Burgundy lovers to start on their German journey. Highly recommended.

2018 Quarzit Oestrich, Peter-Jakob Kühn

A perfect example of accessible, ripe dry Riesling.

Peter-Jakob Kühn has cult status both in Germany and abroad, with wines like this it’s easy to see why. 2018 was a warm year yet this maintains plenty of elegance and grace. Initial peachy citrus and soft lime entice you in. It is both juicy and broad on the nose, a reflection of the clay soils and vintage. Then that limey citrus quality is joined by a salty mineral tang, just the right amount to provide a satisfying zing alongside the juicy core. That lift takes you nicely along to a deceptively succulent finish, so there is none of the austerity one sometimes finds with dry Riesling. This is a wine we come back to again and again as it never fails to please.

2020 Wolfer Goldgrube Spätlese, Vollenweider

This is a lesser-known gem in our portfolio that’s well worth discovering. Daniel Vollenweider has brought this historically famous site back to its glorious best.

This so impressed us yesterday and came as a welcome refreshing uplift after tasting so many wines. Fresh and vibrant, whilst also being calm and poised. Everything you could want from a Spätlese is here. A captivating acid profile that is both refreshing yet gentle at the same time. Cool slate impressions across the palate and a sweetness that’s perfectly measured. Limpid and effortless, we could drink this all day.


2019 Pinot Noir, Shelter

Want to know why people are getting so excited about German Pinot Noir? Try this beautiful example and you’ll see why.

It isn’t the first time we have highlighted this wine and it won’t be the last. The 2019 is soon to disappear however as we have just 10 cases remaining. The fruit is rounded, juicy and layered. A lovely texture and depth that is due in part, to the small-berried Dijon clones. The quality of the 2019 vintage shines through, allowing the 50% new oak to be absorbed into the body of the wine and provide added complexity without being overt. A spicy twist in the finish and plenty of weight completes what for us, is one of Germany’s best Pinot Noirs right now.