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Now run by Christoph and Andrea Schaefer, this estate is one of the jewels of the Mosel. From just four hectares, they produce an extraordinary range of pure, delicate wines that brilliantly reflect their terroirs. Their two mains sites are in the Graacher Himmelreich and Domprobst, and nowhere else are the differences between the two vineyards expressed so clearly: the forward, fruit-driven and seductive charm of the Himmelreich, and the deep, complex mineral and fruit tones of the Domprobst. How do they do it? With their tongues: rather than rely on instruments to measure ripeness levels and acidity, they taste the grapes to decide on a harvesting date; during pressing, the juice is tasted to see when itís time to stop, and during fermentation, each cask is tasted repeatedly to decide when the perfect balance of sweetness and acidity has been achieved, and when it should be arrested.

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