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Weiser-Künstler Traben-Trarbach (Mosel)


Size: 4.2 hectares

Production: 18,000 bottles

Grapes varieties: Riesling


Like their friend Daniel Vollenweider, Konstantin Weiser and Alexandra Künstler are newcomers to the region, attracted by a love of Riesling. Starting from nothing in 2005, they began building a portfolio of formerly famous sites around Traben-Trarbach that were on the point of being abandoned: steep, inaccessible and uneconomic, as everything had to be done by hand. But the soils were superb, the vines old and ungrafted, and they began to produce a dazzling range of wines which have given them cult status. Their production, from 3.8 hectares, is tiny. They are not interested in a fruity style, favouring oxidative winemaking that brings out minerality, and the wines benefit from decanting well ahead when young.

The wines