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Weiser-Künstler Traben-Trarbach (Mosel)


Size: 4.2 hectares

Production: 18,000 bottles

Grapes varieties: Riesling


Neither Konstantin Weiser nor Alexandra Künstler stem from wine backgrounds, but the two Bavarians trained as winemakers. In 2006, while working at the Immich-Batterieberg estate, Konstantin got wind of a parcel for sale in the nearby Enkircher Ellergrub, a once-famous vineyard that the owner was about to leave fallow as it was too difficult to work. Good luck for the couple, and good luck for us: so began a journey that led them to make some of the most exciting and purest wines in the Mosel. Together with Daniel Vollenweider and other young winemakers in Traben-Trarbach, they brought about a renaissance of the town’s reputation, once one of the highest in Germany. But it’s hard work: the slopes are some of the steepest in the Mosel, and can only be worked by hand. They make superb hand-crafted wines that are not forward or fruity, but deeper and more serious: during fermentation they expose the must to oxygen to emphasise the minerality of the soils. Their wines are dense, fine and very individual.

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