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Von Hövel Konz (Saar)


Size: 21.5 hectares

Production: 140,000 bottles

Grape varieties: Riesling


Organic viticulture


Since taking over this iconic Saar estate from his father in 2010, Max von Kunow has radically changed it. Not only has he considerably enlarged it by buying the moribund Schmidt-Reuter estate, but he has also radically changed its style.   Viticulture is now close to organic (no herbicides or pesticides), he uses natural yeasts and does a pre-fermentation maceration of the grapes. The wines here have improved steadily over the years, and are now remarkable for their purity and energy. He is fortunate to own plots in some of the Saar’s best vineyards, notably Scharzhofberg, Hütte and Hörecker.

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