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Peter Lauer Ayl (Saar)


Size: 9 hectares

Production: 60,000 bottles

Grape varieties: Riesling


‘This small traditional Saar wine producer in Ayl bottles some of the finest, most classic Rieslings in Germany: pure, precise, piquant, racy, mineral and chiselled, but also ripe, concentrated, compact and complex.’ (Stephan Reinhardt, The Finest Wines of Germany.)  It’s all true folks. From relative obscurity when he took over fifteen years ago, Florian Lauer has elevated this estate to one of the foremost in Germany.


Florian’s primary goal is for his wines to reflect the place where the grapes were grown. As such, he vinifies each parcel with different soils separately, even from within the same vineyard. To taste them is to see just how transparent a wine can be. It helps that he has very old vines of up to 100 years, and as you would expect, they are vibrant, pure and very exciting.

The wines