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Keller Flörsheim-Dalsheim (Rheinhessen)


Size: 19.5 hectares

Production: 120,000 bottles

Grape varieties: Riesling, Pinot Noir, Silvaner, Scheurebe


Klaus-Peter Keller’s family have been making wine in Flörsheim since 1789, but it was his father Klaus who put the estate on the map, making it famous in Germany for pure, bright mainly sweet wines. With his astonishing range of dry wines, to complement those with residual sugar, his son quickly took it to international superstardom, adding his wife’s vineyards in Westhofen and prime vineyards on the Rheinfront in Nierstein on the way.


‘I make the wines I like to drink,’ says Klaus-Peter Keller, and in the last ten years there has been a considerable shift in style at this estate, moving away from rich, full-bodied wines to lighter, more delicate ones. The key to achieving this is vineyard management: the grapes must not be allowed to get too ripe. Unlike many of his colleagues, he has resisted the temptation to expand: ‘if we enlarged the estate, I would no longer be able to supervise work in the vineyards so closely. The wines would be maybe 3% less good. Perhaps no one would notice, but I would, and I won’t allow it.’ His wines are the epitome of purity, elegance and intensity.

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