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A delightful discovery in Piesport. Julian Haart’s parents are teachers, but his uncles are Theo Haart and Johann Haart, so in his youth the wine business was never far away. His wine education could scarcely have been more illustrious: Heymann-Löwenstein (a year), Emrich-Schönleber (two and a half years), Egon Müller (a year) and Klaus Keller (three years).  

On his return to Piesport, he took over a small half-hectare plot in the Wintricher Ohligsberg, planted with 50-year-old vines, followed by a hectare in the Piesporter Schubertslay, a unique plot with vines planted in 1904 on original rootstocks. Because it is so rocky, it escaped the Flurbereinigung of 1992, when vineyard holdings were rationalised, new roads built and an enormous amount of replanting was done.   

This is his second vintage, and a very promising start indeed. His goal is to make superlative dry wines, but they are brilliant and elegant across the entire range.  He is striving for an expression of terroir rather than just fruit; fermentation is allowed to start naturally, and the cellar temperature is kept at a steady 20ºC. This allows the terroir to shine through.

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