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Schloss Lieser Lieser (Mosel)


Size: 23 hectares

Production: 110,000 bottles

Grapes varieties: Riesling, Pinot Noir


Since taking over Schloss Lieser in 1992, and buying it outright in 1997, Thomas Haag has grown the estate from 6.5 to 24 hectares, now owning vineyards in Lieser (Helden), Brauneberg (Juffer and Juffer-Sonnenuhr), Wehlen (Sonnenuhr), Graach (Domprobst), Piesport (Goldtr÷pchen and Falkenberg) as well as harvesting a tiny parcel in Bernkastel (Doctor). In all, his holdings are spread across 180 different vineyard plots, and he and his right-hand man Philipp Veser must be the best organised people in the Mosel. Lieser was a moribund estate when he purchased it: it is a tribute to his hard work that he is now in the top rank of Mosel producers, and one of the most sought-after in Germany, crafting taut, pure wines that clearly express their vineyard origins.

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