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Frédéric Lafarge produces some of the most consistently fine wines in the Côte de Beaune. The domaine was one of the first to adopt biodynamic methods, and Frédéric is well-known for being at the forefront of viti- and -vinicultural practice, which often means going back to the methods of his ancestors, including in some instances destemming by hand. His small holding of ten hectares enables speed and flexibility, vital in years like 2016, when the windows for treating diseases – actual or potential –  were very small. Vineyards always ripen at slightly different times, depending on their microclimates, but in 2017 this phenomenon became much more pronounced, so he adopted a staggered harvest: waiting for perfect ripeness in each plot before picking, something a larger estate, under pressure to get the fruit in on time from all its holdings, is unable to do.

Often ready with a comparison to another vintage, Frédéric and his father Michel have settled on a combination of two great years: 1947 (very warm) and 1964 (with real terroir character.) Certainly, they are very pleased with it, and not just because yields are up from the last few years of frost and hail. ‘It is a charming and complex vintage,’ says Frédéric, ‘and will provide much pleasure.’

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