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Over the last fifteen years, Domaine Fourrier has turned out to be one of the great success stories in Burgundy, proof that a talented grower with good sites can rise out of near-obscurity to make wines that have become some of the most sought-after in the region. The man behind this rapid rise is Jean-Marie Fourrier, whose father handed over control in 1994, when he was twenty-four. He is lucky enough to have a large stock of old vines, but as ever, the secret to his success is meticulous work in the vineyards. Although he does not follow organic methods, he keeps chemical treatments to a minimum and is an intuitive anticipator of problems. While remaining true to their terroirs, his wines have a polish and seductiveness that are instantly recognisable.

After the risk of frosts had receded, the year was an easy one, with a lovely summer and abundant light in the autumn. Fewer treatments than usual were necessary, and rain arrived at the right times. The harvest ran from 7th-17th September under lovely conditions. The quality is superb.

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