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Domaine de Courcel is known for rich, tannic wines that require long ageing. Since 1996, they have been made by Yves Confuron, who somehow manages to find time to run his estate in Vosne-Romanée as well. The estate comprises Pommard’s finest vineyards, the 1ers crus Croix Noires, Frémiers, Grand Clos des Epenots (monopole) and Rugiens. Picking is always far later than other estates, and there is very long slow fermentation of whole bunches, with lots of punching down, and extended maturation in cask. The results are something quite unique. The wines are difficult in their youth but given enough time they turn into something very special: rich, elegant and fresh, and very well worth the wait.

After years of depressingly empty cellars, there is finally a little more quantity in 2017, even if it  was only 23 hl/ha, far below that of most estates. The wines are full, rich and concentrated, a little less ripe than 2016, and have great capacity to age.

The wines