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Up until 1994 the only wine produced by Comte Armand was from their monopole, the five-hectare Clos des Epeneaux. At that point the energetic estate manager Pascal Marchand persuaded the Armand family to invest in other vineyards in Volnay and Auxey-Duresses, taking it up to its current size of nine hectares. Since his appointment in 1985, Marchand had transformed the quality of the wines and began farming biodynamically in 1988. Benjamin Leroux, who succeeded him in 2000, built on his work, producing ever finer wines. He in turn was replaced in 2014 by his assistant Paul Zinetti, and today the quality is unprecedented: Pommard’s reputation used to be for rustic, brutally tannic wines that took forever to come round. That it is now known for dense, fine wines of great elegance is largely thanks to these three men.

Yields almost tripled in 2017 from the frost-ravaged 2016. The wines are relaxed, charming, and very precise. Paul Zinetti was concerned that the wines were too light, so he punched down a little more and macerated the wines with their skins in the cuves after fermentation had finished to give structure and fine the tannins. They will be bottled early to preserve the fruit.

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