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Bruno Clavelier was one of the first in Vosne to adopt biodynamic methods. His wines are understated and elegant, and they reflect their terroirs perfectly. He took over the estate in 1987 and has enlarged it with holdings in Gevrey, Nuits and Corton. He believes he was very lucky that his grandfather did not use commercial fertilisers on his vineyards, as the potassium residue, which takes generations to break down, lowers the acidity in the grapes. As a result, his wines have levels of freshness that his neighbours find more difficult to achieve.

In 2016 he lost half his crop, and saw that after destemming, the grapes would only half fill his cuves, so he used the opportunity to try some whole-bunch fermentation. He was pleased with the extra complexity and energy, so now there is a proportion of it used in most wines. The wines are accessible and relaxed, with both charm and persistence.

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