Dive Into the German Wine Portfolio with Peter Newton

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We are delighted to have Private Client Sales Director Peter Newton joining the Howard Ripley team this month. Follow along with this new series of posts as he discovers our German wine portfolio.

Having worked for over 20 years in the fine wine trade it is hardly surprising that I often see the same wines over and over again, albeit different vintages. That’s no hardship when tasting classed growth claret, Grand Cru Burgundy or a selection of the finest wines of the world, but there’s a danger of developing tunnel vision. Joining Howard Ripley this month has opened my eyes to a raft of new and exciting wines and a three day trip to the Mosel was the perfect introduction to some of the many beauties we have to offer.

Howard Ripley’s German wine portfolio is second to none, a veritable who’s who of the hip and happening producers of the moment and I am having great fun tasting through the diverse range on offer. Those with just a passing interest in German wines will be familiar with the Mosel and have an appreciation for some of its delights. Our range consists of legendary stalwarts that may already be familiar to you, such as J.J. Prum, Willi Schaefer and Fritz Haag but there is also a new wave of visionary and dynamic producers represented whose names you should take note of. Schloss Lieser and Peter Lauer are two that I can already heartily recommend. These lesser-known wineries are the big names of the future so I would strongly encourage you to stock up whilst they are somewhat under the radar and well-priced.

There are just so many wines I am looking forward to trying and sharing with you but the Mosel is a great place to start. Here are a few gems that I can highly recommend adding to your collection to kickstart or expand your German wine education.