Domaine de l'Arlot 2011 Burgundy

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2011 NUITS-SAINT-GEORGES 1er cru, Clos-de-l'Arlot (ARLO21211B)
Very low yields of less than 20 hl/ha give a wine that is concentrated and bursting with energy. Beautifully defined spicy, rounded and warm red fruits, floral flavours and fine tannins drive to a vibrant finish.
12 HLVES £354.00
In Bond
Equivalent bottle price inc. VAT: £36.74

2011 NUITS-SAINT-GEORGES 1er cru, Clos-des-ForÍts-St.-Georges (ARLO22211A)
2011 has produced an absolute cracker. Dark hedgerow fruit with strong sour cherry notes and hint of smoke burst onto the palate, and great depth and intensity are immediately evident. Rich tannins give a serious note, but it is full of the joys of life, with an irrepressible energy and enormous appeal. ForÍts is a sadly underestimated vineyard; this is the sort of wine that deserves to turn its fortunes around.
6 BOTTS £378.00
In Bond
Equivalent bottle price inc. VAT: £78.28
12 HLVES £384.00
3 MGNMS £384.00


2011 NUITS-SAINT-GEORGES BLANC 1er cru, Clos de l'Arlot (ARLO13211B)
A different level: dense, fine weave where the exuberant fruit is held in check by a complex minerality. Typical broad lemon and floral flavours build to a long finish. Very appealing.
12 HLVES £372.00
In Bond
Equivalent bottle price inc. VAT: £38.54

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