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2015 en-primeur offer

Most of you will be aware (and perhaps weary) of the hype surrounding the 2015 vintage. No comment. The wines themselves are delightful: the reds ripe, seductive and fresh, with melting tannins and a long life ahead of them, the whites forward, appealing and quite delicious.

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wines info de l'Arlot (4 wines)
wines Comte Armand (2 wines)
wines Arnoux-Lachaux (3 wines)
wines Daniel Barraud (8 wines)
wines René Bouvier (4 wines)
wines Camille Giroud (15 wines)
wines Jérôme Castagnier (1 wines)
wines Alain Chavy (10 wines)
wines de Courcel (3 wines)